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Surv connects Restaurant groups, Franchises, Hotels, Bars, Deli’s and Event Planners with experienced and vetted hospitality staff in a fast, reliable and convenient online environment.


Our mission is to simplify the employment process in the South African hospitality industry by bridging the gap between employer and employee on one affordable digital platform.


Surv’s automated algorithm makes the recruitment process effortless, saving you time and money while offering employment opportunities to job seekers based on location, experience and skill.


Operating in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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Welcome to Surv – South Africa’s first online matchmaking platform

catered to the hospitality industry.

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Surv’s online staffing platform of skilled professionals makes permanent, part-time and on-demand placements easier, more effective and affordable.

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Allow our automated algorithm to find the best suited candidates based on skill, experience and location. Baristas, Bartenders, Waiters, Kitchen Staff, & Scullers… FIND vetted staff NOW… anytime, anywhere.

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Showcase your skills, experience, and CV to prospective Restaurants, Franchises, Hotels and Catering Companies looking for freshly surv’d talent. 


Are you a Bartender? Barista? Waiter? Kitchen staff? Sculler? SURV allows you to work your own schedule by picking up shifts anytime, anywhere… We’re here to get you surv’ing.


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Job seekers can create a
profile by following these
easy steps:

Job seekers can create a profile by following these easy steps:


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Pick up shifts anywhere, anytime… start working your own schedule TODAY.


What are the costs?


Our Surv’ice fees are calculated on a fixed hourly rate based on the type of staff you require. 

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About the staff

Types of staff

We currently offer selected categories of staff such as bartenders, baristas, waiters, scullers and kitchen cooks however should you require individuals with other expertise ie. chef, hostess etc. please be sure to contact us via


We have a number of incredible surv’ees who are skilled in many areas.

Vetting process

The SURV Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that SURV will provide the best quality hospitality service to consumers that interact via the platform.


All of our staff have been rigorously vetted via a step-by-step verification procedure that involves checking trustworthy references and having a demonstrated work experience in the hospitality industry.


Applicants will only be able to join the SURV team once all of the vetting steps have been completed and a member of SURV has personally interviewed them.

We aim to provide the highest quality staff!


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If you’re hungry for more information or looking for an investment

opportunity, find out more about Surv below.

If you’re hungry for more information or looking for an investment opportunity, find out more about Surv below.

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