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With Surv, hiring is made easy, simple and efficient. The online platform enables a direct communication channel between the employer and employee, simplifying the recruitment process without the hassle of red tape and one to one interviews.

As South Africa’s first dedicated online platform, we are excited about giving back to our hospitality community. By providing convenient and scalable solutions for businesses as well as short and long term work opportunities for staff, we are proactively contributing to an industry that has always Surv’d us. It’s our turn to Surv you!  

Founded in 2021 by Rochelle Rolfe, Surv was created to support the community and aid employment in South Africa. Our mission is to connect job seekers and employers within the hospitality industry as easily and affordably as possible.

The need to create an online platform dedicated to the placement of vetted hospitality staff and job seekers was substantiated by a large amount of industry research. Our unique selling point offers solutions to staff shortages, with on-demand Surv’ice features that fill vacancies on short notice.   


Thanks to Surv, employers are now able to access vetted candidates at the flip of a finger regardless of the type of employment. Jobseekers have an opportunity to showcase their talent and expertise with a unique Surv profile, allowing them to apply for vacancies in a location or area of their choice. Surv’s digital savvy approach to hospitality employment is on trend with the ever-changing technological landscape of the 21st Century.

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