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Flexible Staffing Solutions: Hospitality Trends

The question around flexible staffing solutions is a trending topic that requires some serious consideration amongst hospitality companies. Staffing up in general can be a stumbling block for many hospitality businesses. Evaluating one’s operations, labour model and hiring processes is critical in terms of relevance and longevity. As customer behaviours evolve so does the industry. The solution calls for a more flexible and attractive strategy that puts the job seeker’s needs high up on the priority list. This should also save the employer time, money and the hassle of outdated and tedious onboarding methods. 


The Benefits of Flexible Staffing Solutions for Employers 


The employment process in the South African hospitality industry can be expensive and complex. Recruitment costs can be staggering with no real guarantee of brand loyalty for the employer. Job seeker behaviours are also evolving. Full time employees are no longer satisfied with long hours or positions that do not guarantee job security, flexibility and growth.


The mindset shift towards contract work according to Randstand’s 2022 Talent Trends has escalated amongst hospitality employers. Temporary labour sourcing has seen great results and is an effective way to combat hospitality staff shortages. The need for on-demand skill is a constant requirement for hospitality businesses as it buffers the negative impact of no-shows and last minute shift cancellations.


When combined with the power of technology, the benefits for employers include:


  • Speed and Efficiency: Employers are able to get the staff they need, when they need them without the red tape that comes with traditional recruitment processes.  
  • Cost Cutting: On demand and flexible staffing solutions reduces overhead costs allowing the employer to pay-as-they-need.  
  • Effective Time Management: An online flexi-staffing solution allows managers and owners to be in control of shifts and schedules more effectively. 
  • Competitive Edge: Flexible staffing solutions gives hospitality companies the advantage above their competitors making their place of business seem more attractive to prospective job seekers.
  • Reputation: By adopting a flexible solution that allows for an engaged and happy workforce, this will ultimately affect the customer experience and brand reputation. 

The Benefits of Flexible Staffing Solutions for Job Seekers


The pandemic and current economic trends have changed the way people work forever. This can be seen in the corporate and services industries where hybrid work models are being adopted as the norm. Flexible working hours is an increasingly popular trend within South Africa, with more job seekers leaning towards technology for work opportunities that will serve their lifestyle.


The preference for flexi-time, on-demand solutions is various and includes:


  • Job seekers who have a primary gig or side hustle where part time employment acts as a supplementary means of income. 
  • Multi-skilled job seekers who work a number of part time gigs as their primary income. 
  • Job seekers making a transition from one career to another. 
  • Caregivers that require flexible working hours.
  • Students looking for experience and work options that suit their timetable.   


The same principle can apply to job seekers in the hospitality industry, especially in terms of location. The alarming increase in the global fuel costs means that job seekers tend to favour employment opportunities within a specific radius in order to mitigate travel expenses.


Platforms that use technology to bridge the gap between job seeker and employer have come a long way. Online applications that use AI technology cater towards the rising demand for flexible employment solutions. The benefits include:


  • Income Streams: Job seekers are able to earn a steady income from multiple sources and employers on their own terms and pace.   
  • Flexi-Time: On-demand work opportunities allow the individual to pursue studies and other fields of interest. 
  • Efficiency: The speed and convenience of an online platform allows immediate accessibility to work opportunities nearby.
  • Credibility: Candidate profiles and online rating systems give job seekers credibility, making them more attractive to employers.    


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