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Hospitality Technology: How to attract Gen Z employees

The hospitality industry relies heavily on the employment of younger employees to regularly fill positions such as waiters, scullers, barmen and baristas. Attracting and retaining Gen Z, who make up the majority of the current talent pool, requires a new approach which is where hospitality technology can assist greatly.


With almost 20% of hospitality staff traditionally under the age of 25, restaurants, hotels, bars and event companies are having to adapt to succeed. A deeper understanding of these tech-savvy, conscientious and highly opinionated individuals is critical to the success of the recruitment process.  


Gen Z on the rise


Generation Z, or more commonly known as zoomers, succeed the millennial generation and were born between the years 1997 and 2012. They differ greatly from their predecessors and often have unique views of the world and the workplace. They value diversity and equality, mental well-being and flexibility, and above all the convenience that technology affords them. 


As employees, Gen Z has been exposed to political failure and economic uncertainties. This in turn has shaped their opinions and views on traditional forms of advertising. They are a generation that demands high levels of trust before committing to a particular brand, placing high value on authenticity and integrity. What probably sets Gen Z apart the most is the fact that they are the first digitally native generation. Most zoomers grew up with smart devices in hand, becoming accustomed to gaming conventions, social media platforms, influencers, YouTube and Netflix.


Recruiters and employers can benefit greatly by making hospitality technology central to both recruitment and operational processes. By making your business processes Gen Z friendly, you can not only retain employees, but also attract candidates and jobseekers in search of jobs and careers in hospitality. 

How to use hospitality technology to attract:  


Tip 1: Use the right channels


Traditional advertising channels are no longer applicable to a generation that is no longer traditional. When advertising for cooks, waiters, scullers, bar staff and baristas leverage tools such as organic and paid social media tactics. Approximately 80% of young employees look for employment on social media first.

Tip 2: Make Applications easy and mobile friendly


Make the application process as simple as possible. Use application tools that require the least amount of admin and one that pulls information from existing social media profiles. Most importantly, make it mobile friendly. Gen Z live their whole life on mobile devices so whatever software or program you use, make sure that it is fully responsive.  


Tip 3: Articulate and communicate 


Zoomers want to feel connected and inspired by their employers which often requires a higher level of involvement and motivation from management. Using a workplace messaging app is a proven method that increases employee engagement allowing managers to share information quicker. Messaging apps also provide a safe space to share objective feedback with employees who in turn are able to voice their own opinions and thoughts.  

Tip 4: Make it Human

Social and political causes are everything to Gen Z. Use your social media channels to communicate your deeper purpose. Gen Z will see through inauthentic efforts. Make sure that you are committed to a cause that is true to your brand values and ethos. 


Tip 5: Provide Flexibility


The perception of careers in hospitality means long hours, limited flexibility and less time to pursue other interests. This is one of the main reasons why Gen Z employees are hesitant to commit. Most zoomers have some form of side hustle, interest or responsibility. They need time which is why flexibility is high up on their list of employment priorities. 


Flexi-scheduling for shifts and turns that support the employee is something that can be easily managed with software tools and technology.


Tip 6: Use video content

Remember the term digitally native? If you want employees to know more about you and your culture – show them. Use video content to articulate the staff well-being. Video helps employees learn and develop faster which makes for better training, upskilling and overall communication.


Surv uses Hospitality Technology: 

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