Seasonal Hospitality Work: Good for Employers and Jobseekers

SURV’s purpose is to create a mutually beneficial online platform for both employer and jobseeker. With Cape Town heating up for tourist season, the benefits of seasonal hospitality work has far more pros than cons for the hospitality industry as a whole. 


The on-demand hospitality staffing model has already been adopted on a global scale using technology to fill gaps quicker, simpler and more effectively. The SURV model of placing on-demand hospitality staff in the hands of employers provides fast and credible staffing solutions while providing ample work opportunities and flexible working hours to hospitality job seekers in South Africa.  


The benefits of seasonal hospitality work for employers:

1. Mitigate the stress of no shows: One of the biggest frustrations faced by restaurant owners and managers is dealing with last minute no shows. An employee that fails to appear for their shift without giving prior notice interferes with the operational flow of the day, especially during peak season. The customer experience is automatically compromised which in turn could have a negative impact on sales for the day as well as possible reputation damage. 


SURV’s online on-demand model gives the employer easy access to a number of credible and experienced, vetted staff within minutes. The easy to use interface allows you to choose the type of service you require for up to 8 hours. Whether you’re looking to fill a waiter, a cook or a bartender position for the day, SURV delivers quality professional staff at the click of a button.


2. Minimal red tape: One of the biggest benefits of adopting a seasonal hospitality work strategy is the convenience of saving time and money on costly recruitment admin. Sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, screening, training and drawing up employment contracts are heavy duty tasks that require time, effort and budget. 


SURV takes care of all the administration for you. Our team of administrators vets each and every single candidate before their profile becomes live on our platform. Our vetting process involves rigorous background and reference checks to ensure the candidate is credible and suitable for hospitality work. 


SURV also ensures that the candidate’s qualifications are 100% accurate. This allows us to categorise our candidates based on their level of skill ensuring a wide variety of staff for specific needs. Our platform includes access to mixologists, sommeliers, flairers, hostesses, waiters with fine dining experience, and much more.


3. Improves profitability: Seasonal staffing solutions saves the employer from having to pay unnecessary overtime and payroll costs during peak season. The extra benefit of having SURV on your team is that we take care of all staff payments for you. The employer is only required to pay once upon the initial staffing request which includes the staff wages. How’s that for convenience?  


The benefits of seasonal hospitality work for jobseekers:

1. Earn while you learn: Unlike permanent positions, seasonal hospitality work exposes jobseekers to multiple environments. It’s the perfect opportunity to enhance your hospitality skills or move into other areas of hospitality while earning a stable income from multiple sources.  


SURV allows you to build your resume while you are in between permanent jobs, studying or working on your own big idea. The flexibility to choose when and where you work gives you full control of your schedule.  

2. Turn your part-time into a full time gig: SURV gives jobseekers the opportunity to work multiple part-time shifts for up to 8 hours a day. When working up shifts in higher volumes, jobseekers have the ability to earn more than they would in a conventional full time position. This gives the jobseeker the ability to turn a part-time position into a full time career, earning income and tips from various establishments at the same time.  

3.Having a credible SURV identity: Once your vetting process is complete, you will have a live SURV profile that showcases your skills and expertise to prospective employers. Your online profile acts as an online CV, confirming your references, experience, skills and qualifications. A fully complete profile with a good rating automatically makes you a far more attractive hire to employers.  

Requesting Staff in 4 easy steps: 

At SURV we are dedicated  to bridging the unemployment gap between job seeker and employer using technology to connect in one easy to use, efficient and reliable platform. Create a client profile in a few easy steps and you’ll be matched with vetted, on-demand hospitality staff in no time.


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