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Seasonal Staff: Why The Hospitality Industry Needs Them

Hiring seasonal staff plays a vital role for hospitality employers during peak seasons allowing them to scale up while improving profitability. Summer time in Cape Town is a playground for international tourists and nationals who flock to the Mother City for their impeccable wine farms, festivals and events, as well as their 5-star hospitality experiences. 


With the pandemic safely under control, the 2023 season is on track for a sizzling comeback, making the need for seasonal staff more pertinent than ever. Say goodbye to no-shows, recruitment red tape and unnecessary overheads. SURV keeps it simple, effective and convenient.  


Hiring seasonal staff saves time and money: 

Hiring permanent staff members during seasonal highs is no longer the most practical option for employers. The recruitment process can be exceptionally overwhelming for managers and owners, not to mention time consuming and costly. Hiring permanent staff members such as waiters, cooks, baristas, bartenders and scullers, carries the burden of interviews, background checks, verifications and employment contracts which very few managers have the time or patience for. 


SURV’s scalable and innovative platform provides the employer with a much faster and reliable placement process. The candidates at your disposal have already been vetted by our SURV administration team, meaning that references, background checks and qualifications have already been checked out before you even request a seasonal staff member. 


Tedious, risky and costly employment contracts are not required when you’re using SURV.  We take care of all the administration and red-tape for you. Part of SURV’s service to the employer also includes pay-outs to seasonal staff which is one less thing for employers to worry about during the busy holiday season.     


Hiring the right seasonal staff:

There’s an old expression “good help is hard to find”. Employers in the hospitality industry can relate to this all too well. The shortage of specific skills as well as experienced staff members to pick up shifts during the silly season is a very common issue.  


SURV tackles both of these problems head on. We are meticulous with our onboarding process and tend to favour jobseekers who have a long history working in the hospitality industry, with credible references and qualifications to back this up. Our mission is to turn part-time employment opportunities into a staple career for our jobseekers, allowing them the flexibility to work their own schedules and in various fields within the hospitality industry. 


SURV’s wide range of seasonal staff ranges from your most basic entry level candidate, to candidates with the most advanced skills sets. We provide on-demand staffing for up to 8 hours per shift allowing the employer flexibility with our pay-as-you-need business model.  


On the SURV menu, we offer: 


  • Bartenders: From basic bartenders to more experienced mixologists, flairers and bartenders with extensive wine knowledge
  • Waiters: SURV offers cafes, restaurant chains and fining dining establishments a selection of waiters, waitresses and hostesses  
  • Cooks: From trained chefs to basic cooks, friers and grillers 
  • Scullers: Seasonal staff members who work behind the scenes to ensure that your kitchen and wait staff have the support they need 
  • Baristas: Skilled baristas with experience in making all artisanal coffee types 
  • Sommeliers: Great for private functions as well as wine festivals and experiences 


Improves Profitability:

Employers that hire seasonal staff tend to reap higher rewards during a fruitful season. Not only are employers able to service the increase of foot traffic, bookings and reservations during the busiest times of the year, but they also allow the employer to cut back on labour costs as well as unnecessary overtime for permanent staff members. 


Requesting seasonal staff in 4 easy steps:

At SURV we are dedicated to bridging the unemployment gap between job seeker and employer using technology to connect in one easy to use, efficient and reliable platform. Create a client profile in a few easy steps and you’ll be matched with vetted, on-demand hospitality staff in no time.


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